Happy New Year 2015 Greetings in Chinese, Messages, Images, SMS

Here I have given happy Chinese new year 2015 greetings in Chinese, happy Chinese new year 2015 messages, Chinese new year 2015 images, sms, new year 2015 Chinese quotes.

With Chinese characters, you can wish New Year 2015 greetings in Chinese. Share it with your loved ones and enjoy with us.

As Chinese peoples only and mostly use Chinese only for wishing purpose, this my collection for Chinese new year 2014 wishes will be going to be great useful for all of you. Enjoy !!!

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Beginnings of Greetings for Chinese New Year 2015

You should begin greetings for Chinese new year 2014 with following words and then copy the appropriate texts from below given other tables of your choice to wish your friends, relatives a happy Chinese new year 2014.

Zhu nín... (/joo neen/)
Wish you (older/respected) ...

祝你…… Zhu nǐ ... (/joo nee/) Wish you (younger/informal) ...

Chinese New Year 2014 Wishes for Health

Below given are Chinese new year 2014 greetings for wishing good health in Chinese.

Lóng mǎ jīngshén
The spirit of the dragon and horse

身体健康 Shēntǐ jiànkāng Enjoy good health

精灵活泼 Jīnglíng huópō A bright and lively spirit (especially used for children under the age of 10, wishing them to be active and smart)

Chinese New Year Greetings at Work and for Business 

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Below given Quatations are for happy Chinese new year wishes to working persons.

Shēngyì xīnglóng
Prosperous business

万事如意 Wàn shì rú yì May everything go as planned

工作顺利 Gōngzuò shùnlì May your work go smoothly

事业有成 Shìyè yǒu chéng Success in your career

平步青云 Píng bù qīngyún Have a meteoric rise (usually to wish for promotions)

马到成功 Mǎ dào chéng gōng Instant success ('horse to success' — usually success in an examination, presentation, negotiation, or competition)

Happy Chinese New Year 2014 Greetings

Below I have given my collection of Happy Chinese New Year 2014 Greetings.

Happiness, Prosperity, Longevity

福禄寿 fú lù shòu

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Wish you luck in the Year of the Horse

马年大吉 Mǎnián dàjí

Happy New Year
 新年快乐 Xīnnián kuàilè

Happy New Year

恭贺新禧 Gōnghèxīnxǐ

May all your wishes come true

心想事成 Xīnxiǎng shì chéng

May you be happy and prosperous

恭喜发财 Gōngxǐfācái

Wish you luck in the Year of Snake

蛇年大吉 Shénián dàjí

Happy Chinese New Year 2014 Messages

Here below I have given few happy Chinese new year 2014 messages for sharing with your friends, relatives, bf, gf, mom, dad, etc. Just copy these and then share it with your friends and enjoy !!!

To everyone out there..
I wish in 2014 God gives you..
12months of happiness,
52weeks of fun,
365 Days success,
8760 Hours Good Health,
52600 minutes Good Luck,
3153600 seconds of Joy..
Happy Chinese new year 2014 !!!

Great start for Jan,
Love for Feb,
Peace for march,
No worries for April,
Fun for May,
Joy for June to Nov,
Happiness for Dec,
Happy Chinese New Year 2014 !!!
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Happy Chinese New Year 2014 Images

Here I have given happy Chinese new year 2014 images for you. Just right click on the favorite Chinese new year 2014 wallpaper of your choice and save it and then share it by uploading these Chinese new year 2014 photos.

Happy Chinese New Year 2014 images
Happy Chinese New Year 2014 Images
Happy Chinese New Year 2014 greetings with wooded horse
Happy Chinese New Year 2014 Photos

Happy Chinese New Year greetings 2014 pictures with horse
Happy Chinese New Year 2014 Greetings

Happy Chinese New Year 2014 Pictures sexy girl horse logo
Happy Chinese New Year 2014 Greetings with Hot girl & horse.
new year 2014 in chinsese

more will be uploading soon..

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Hope you like our small collection for 2014 happy new year greetings in Chinese, new year 2014 sms in Chinese of less than 140 characters, new year 2014 Chinese quotes.


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