Best Valentine Week List 2016, Valentine Schedule

The days of sharing love and strengthening your lovely relationship are coming close day by day. February 2016 is going on and here I am updating about the valentine week list 2016.

Valentine Week List 2016

Below I have attached given Valentine week list 2016.

Valentine week List 2016
Sunday, February 7, 2016Rose Day 
Monday, February 8, 2016Propose Day 
Tuesday, February 9, 2016Chocolate Day
Wednesday, February 10, 2016Teddy Day 
Thursday, February 11, 2016Promise Day 
Friday, February 12, 2016Hug Day 
Saturday, February 13, 2016Kiss Day 
Sunday, February 14, 2016Valentine Day

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11th Feb, 2016
Promise Day
Happy promise day 2016 images ,wallpapers, Pictures
12th Feb, 2016
Hug Day

Happy hug day 2016 images ,wallpapers, Pictures

Happy Promise Day 2016 Greetings

Happy Hug Day 2016 Greetings

13th Feb, 2016
Kiss Day
Happy kiss day 2016 images, wallpapers, Pictures
14th Feb, 2016
Valentine Day
Happy valentines day 2015 images ,wallpapers, Pictures

Happy Kiss Day 2016 Greetings

Happy Valentines Day 2016 Greetings

Valentine Week List 2016 in Image

Valentine week list 2016 in image format is given below.

Valentines-week-schedule 2014-valentine-week-list-2014
Valentine-week-schedule 2016

Rose Day : Every Valentine Week starts with a Rose Day. On the Rose Day, Lovers greet each other with beautiful, crimson red roses. Take your partner to the romantic dinner or send a greeting cards to a secret love.

Propose Day: On this day you can put a proposal against him or her about the marriage.

Chocolate Day : On this special day gift him / her, a nice chocolate with card to express your love.

Teddy Day : As women likes teddy bears very much, so, you can gift here teddy bear to let the teddy keep stick with her always.

Promise Day : Put a promise to fulfill the love wishes on this promise day.

Hug Day : Hug your partner tightly to let her feel about the love for her..

Kiss Day : Not need to be explained. Mmmuaah.:-)

Valentine Day : The day to show love for her.

Stay tuned with us for the further updates of valentine week list 2016- 2017.

Happy New Year Wishes 2016 (Choose Category)

Top Categories for wishes of 2016

We have collected all the major wishes & messages for wishing on this new year 2016 eve. Choose from below and share the love with 2016 wishes.

Choose any one category to start..

Happy New Year Message

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Happy New Year Quotes

Happy New Year Images .

Categories for New Happy New Year 2016 Wishes:

We have been giving some of the most awesome happy new year wishes quotes and messages from past three years. Our users had great new year celebration in 2014 and 2015 both with our greetings. Now, we are also here to provide you our quality happy new year wishes 2016 in form of new year 2016 quotes, new year 2016 images and new year 2016 messages.

So, for your convenience, we divided our posts and it's sections in the four major parts as given below in name of happy new year messages, happy new year quotes, happy new year sms, happy new year images etc.

The countdown has begun and we are here giving you happy new year 2016 wishes. New year 2016 quotes, new year 2016 images, new year 2016 messages sms to send to your friends, lovers, bf, gf through whatsapp, Facebook etc.

Genuine success comes only to those who are ready for it. So never step back and always have the courage to accept new challenges. Wishing you a very happy new year 2016.

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Let's have party because it's New Year time. Celebrate Happy New Year 2016 with me all the night, so that we can end the year together and start the new year together.
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Happy New Year SMS 2016 & Best New Year 2017 SMS

Collection of latest happy new year sms 2016 & new year 2017 sms in Hindi, English wishes images:

The celebration of the new year 2016 has already begun and searching of wishes for the new year sms is getting intense as the time comes closer and here we have given best new year sms messages to wish on 2016 new year. It's always more awesome to greet in the native language, like Hindi for India, therefore new year sms in native language Hindi are given exclusively.

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Wishing in native language makes greeting very cool and enjoyable so we have made native font's happy new year sms 2016 and new year 2017 sms Message to wish to your friends, on Facebook or WhatsApp on new year's day.

happy new year wallpaper
Happy new Year Wallpapers

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Happy New Year Greeting Cards 2016, New Year E Cards

The most awaited day, by the whole world, 2016, is just to come in few hours. So, it will be important to send new year greeting card for 2016 greetings to your friends and family.

So, here I have collected Happy New Year Cards 2016 for you. Just download these photos and send it to your friends online. Or you can directly share this with your friends from the buttons given beside the post. These cards are really beautiful which are given below. Use them and enjoy !!!

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The updates and wishes for new year 2016 are given here for new year greeting cards, you can save these new year cards in your system and then share it with your guys. New year card can be used for dp or profile picture on Whatsapp or Facebook too. So, have a look at this awesome new yer cards and have a wonderful new year eve 2016.

Happy New Year Cards 2016 for Greetings

Send these New Year Cards 2016 to your dear ones and near ones and greet them a delicious new year ahead.

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new year greeting card
new year greeting cards 2014
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Happy New Year Images 2016, New Year 2017 Wallpapers

Collection of latest happy new year images for 2016 & wallpapers:

A wonderful and eye-catching collection of happy new year images is uploaded below. You can send this new year images 2016 to your friends, lovers, colleagues, school or college mates, facebook friends, boy friends / girl friends. Different kinds of happy new year images for Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Whatsapp are given below, get them and enjoy !!

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The trend of wishing happy new year images 2016 is increasing year by year, in past few year we had seen people copying texts and messages, but the trend of texting is becoming past and we are seeing lot's of new emerging trends for sharing new year images and new year 2016 videos. So, with our this collection of happy new year images and new year 2016 images we will put in the line of next gen who share this awesome images like mad. Enjoy wishing.

Happy New Year Images

All the latest happy new year images 2016 are collected beautifully. Save it and share it.

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Happy New Year 2016 Images

Happy New Year 2016 Wallpapers

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Happy New Year Quotes 2016 & New 2017 Wishes Quotes

Collection of Happy New Year Quotes 2016 for Wishes:

As the new year 2016 is here, the ultimate collection of happy new year quotes 2016 with new year pictures sms and wishes is given hereunder. Because giving cards on this day of new year is uttermost important, no one will like to miss the pleasure of sharing the cards digitally. 

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The year of new hope and happiness, 2016, will arrive soon and we'll say bye bye to 2015 and welcome new year with new commitments and wishes. On this day of the new year 2017, these new year quotes / happy new year quotes wishes & greetings should be sent to your friends and family members through the facebook, Whatsapp, email or a text message etc.

 new year 2017 images
New Year 2015 Messages 

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Happy New Year Messages 2016 & 2017 Wishes Images

Collection of Best Happy New Year Messages 2016, New Year Message Wishes & Images 2017:

Wishing on new year's day has its own importance as its time to make a great start of the new year and in such time when you wish your friends with our wonderful new year messages, it becomes more valuable and incredibly welcome.

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2015 is a history and the world entered in 2016. So, here are happy new year messages 2016, just copy and send new year messages 2016 & quotes to send to any of your loved ones that may be your friends, or bf, gf, lovers, husband, wife, mother, father, parents, teacher or business contacts. We also wish you wonderful new year with our new year messages with our awesome happy new year message.

happy new year images
happy new year images
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Happy New Year Shayari 2016, English SMS Saying Msg

The collection of best happy new year 2016 Shayari sms for Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter for sharing on the new year  with your friends, relatives, bf, gf, etc.


इस 2016 के नए साल पे हम सभी को चाहिए के अपने स्नेहीजनो को नए साल कि शुभेच्छा पेश करे और उन्हें नए साल कि ढेरो शुभकामनाये भी दे. तो इस अवसर पर मेने  यहाँ  2016 कि शायरी मेसेज के लिए दी हे. उसे शेयर कीजिये और नए साल का मजा उठाइए। हमरी पूरी टीम कि तरफ से भी आपको नए साल कि ढेरो शुभेच्छाए।

So, friends, scroll down to get new year stay are 2016 in Hindi and another shayri message in English for 2016.

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Happy New Year Shayari 2016

New Year 2016 Shayari in Hindi

Below I have given happy new year shay ari are 2016 Hindi. Just copy this new year 2016 shay are sms in Hindi and then share with your friends.

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Happy New Year Wallpaper 2017 HD Download Mobile, PC

Collection of Happy New Year Wallpaper 2016 HD Download for Mobile, PC, Laptop:

New year 2016 is just here, and here are beautiful happy new year 2016 wallpapers to share on this wonderful day of wishing..

Importance of greeting on new year is vital, so you can use these happy new year 2016 wallpapers for greetings through FB-Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp or email also. Just download and then share it with your friends, relatives etc.

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 Happy New Year 2016 Wallpaper

Below I have attached happy new year 2016 wallpaper for greeting purpose.

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happy new year messages

Happy New Year HD Celebration Pictures

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April Fool Sms, Messages, Quotes, Wishes, Images 2016

Here I have given to April Fool Sms, Messages, Quotes, Wishes, Images 2016

April Fool is a celebrated all over the world on 1st April. On this occasion, we need some Good April Fool SMS or April Fool Messages to make fool to our family members, relatives and friends. For this purpose we have nicely collected lots of FunnyApril Fool SMS, April Fool MessagesorFunny April Fool Messages for you. Some people need these April fool sms in hindi so that we have hindi April fool sms too.

April Fool Sms 2016

31st March Or 1st April 2016
Fool is Fool Doesn’t Matter.
Wishing Very Happy, Prosperous and Joyful.
Fool Day to the King of Fools............April fool sms
BeautiFool, WonderFool and ColorFool, Amongst all Fools, ~ ~ Happy Fools Day 2016 ~
Also in advance buddy Happy Fools Day 2016 ~ ~ Oho oho my cutie sweetie friend bura
maan gaye kaya accha baba for next upcoming 10 years advance me Happy Fools Day, Happy Fools Day 2016..........................Happy Fools Day 2025. Ab kush ho 1 can dare to be great FØØL Like U

April Fool comes once a year
When the whole word will, CELEBRATE:
But take heart,
April Fool comes once a year.

April Fool Messages 2016

Storms die;
Songs fade;
Flowers wither;
Misfortune ends;
Great parties finish.
But people like you remain forever... because ghosts never die!
Happy April Fool! 2016

April Fool is a very special day because you can lie as much as you can.
Every prank, sms, msgs is heartily accepted & no complaint shall ever be made!
Happy April Fools' Day!

In hasino se rasme wafa
or dil lagana sarasar bhool hai
jis din ye ikrar karen mohabbat ka,
samajh lena us din april fool hai

April Fool Wishes 2016

Anewala Kal Tumhara Hai.
Tumhara Tha.
Tumhara Hi Rhega.
Us pr Tumhara Hi Haq hai.
Socho Kyon?
Kyuki kal 1st APRIL Hai.

A day will come when the world will
your name,
your fame,
your personality and
your views.
But April Fool comes once in a year and
that your day.

Amongst all Fools,
~~Happy Fools Day~~

April Fool Quotes 2016

April 1. This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three-hundred and sixty-four. ~Mark Twain, Pudd'nhead Wilson, 1894

A man always blames the woman who fools him. In the same way, he blames the door he walks into in the dark. ~Henry Louis Mencken

A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools. ~Douglas Adams

It is the ability to take a joke, not make one, that proves you have a sense of humor. ~Max Eastman

Don't give cherries to pigs or advice to fools. ~Irish Proverb

April Fool Images 2016

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7th Feb, 2016
Rose Day
Happy rose day 2016 images, wallpapers, Pictures
8th Feb, 2016
Propose Day
Happy propose day 2016 images wallpapers
Happy Rose Day 2016 GreetingsHappy Propose Day 2016 Greetings
9th Feb, 2016
Chocolate Day
Happy chocolate day 2016 images wallpapers
10th Feb, 2016
Teddy Bear Day
Happy teddy day 2016 images ,wallpapers, Pictures
Happy Chocolate Day 2016 GreetingsHappy Teddy Day 2016 Greetings
11th Feb, 2016
Promise Day
Happy promise day 2016 images ,wallpapers, Pictures
12th Feb, 2016
Hug Day
Happy hug day 2016 images ,wallpapers, Pictures
Happy Promise Day 2016 GreetingsHappy Hug Day 2016 Greetings
13th Feb, 2016
Kiss Day
Happy kiss day 2016 images, wallpapers, Pictures
14th Feb,2016
Valentine Day
Happy valentines day 2015 images ,wallpapers, Pictures
Happy Kiss Day 2016 GreetingsHappy Valentines Day 2016 Greetings


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